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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Google is getting desperate?

I've noticed a few changes to certain Google owned websites recently. Youtube seems to have more ads on it than ever before, with some videos having built in adverts displaying relevant material (like links to itunes from music videos)and while these are targeted and relevant it gets quite annoying to have to close the ad when I'm watching a video.

Blogger has also been altered recently, with a new "Monetise" tab appearing to help users track Adsense on their Blogs.

Google have obviously decided to plaster as many ad placements on their sites as possible and tried to encourage Bloggers to put Adsense on their sites. This all gives Google more ad placements which makes them more money.

So why is Google so desperate to increase the volume of placements it has? Has the global economic climate affected Google that much?

Interestingly, overall online marketing spend is expected to continue growing, and I reckon most of that increase will come from offline marketing. At least with online marketing you can track the efficiency of a campaign more accurately, in difficult times this is always critically important.

Does anyone else think Google put too many adverts on their sites?

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