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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Recommended Books

Some of the most useful books I have read (and am reading) about Online Marketing. These books were created by a range of authors, from Aaron Wall, the creator of "The SEO Book" and to Avanish Kaushik a Google statistics guru. Plenty of people ignore books in favour of regularly updated online marketing blogs and forums, but I find a book is easier on the eyes and I can be a bit old fashioned at times!

  • Aaron Wall Creator of the SEO Book, a great way to learn SEO quickly

  • Google Hacks 100 Industrial strength tips and tricks. A bit dated but a good book for a beginner

  • SEO an hour a day Avanish Kaushik's book on SEO. Straightforward and no nonsense, the book also includes a good glossary

  • Landing Page Optimisation A great insight to designing webpages that generate conversions

  • Call to Action Some more insight into creating webpages that convert users