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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google is Evil

Quick note about the google brand term issue on Adwords PPC... Why can anyone bid on anyone elses brand except for the keyword "Google". Is Google removing anyone bidding on Google or is the CPC being driven up too because of unrelated landing pages? I've seen a few ads for the keyword "Google" but none last that long. seem to be on Google and Microsoft, I imagine the cost must be considerable especially as conversions must be really crappy. How does Google see this as an improvement in quality? I'd like to know how much Google generated in additional revenue since the new ruling went live on the 5th of May... Less people needed to police the PPC Results and a massive increase in PPC ad spend just to stay in the chase (a friend of mine works as PPC manager for a large company and expects the PPC ad spend to rise 25% just on Google) means Google will do very well over the next few weeks until people realise their annual PPC spend has been exceeded...

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