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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Business Blogging

Increasingly, businesses have found value in creating a blog for their business. Several of my clients have asked me about creating a blog or optimising and making better use of their current Blog.Part of this growth in interest has been generated by the fact that a lot of the current fortune 500 companies use either internal or external Blogs to communicate with employees or customers.

Business Blogging can add a level of interaction that is often impossible from a standard corporate website. It is an informal way to communicate and increases the perception (to users) of accessibility and transparency with even the largest and companies.

Blogging. How to do it and how not to do it...
In my opinion, a company in the technology / IT / Internet area should look at creating a Blog strategy. In the same way that technology and IT companies were the first to be interested in creating a website for their business, they should lead the way again.

Anonymous business Blogs should not contain inappropriate content. A Bloggers reputation thrives on his/her ability to post genuine unique, original content. Do not copy other content, bring in new ideas and offer opinion for and against current thinking!

Don’t copy other posts or information. Reference and cite other material and do notcopy directly unless you are referencing a source. Keep material as original and unique as possible. Offer advice hints and tips on your area of expertise. This way people are likely to link to you because you provide good quality, original information.

The reasoning behind Macromedias decision to Blog was that they wanted people to see their Blog as “Real” and not part of a marketing agenda, something to help their employees to communicate with the community of developers using their software. This is why the Blogs are under normal Blog domains and not under the corporate Macromedia domain.

A Blog is similar to (but not to be confused with) a “latest news” part of your site; it is a bit less formal and most importantly, allows users to post comments. This degree of interactivity is not commonly available on corporate websites. Users can complain or complement your products or services. Obviously some good positive feedback on your Blog would be great, but what about complaints? This at least gives you the chance to solve the problem. (Doing so would win you some respect with the other readers)

Making money from Blogs

Promotional Blog
The easiest way to make money from your Blog is to use it to promote your product or service. Make sure you offer original content though; people will not visit a Blog stuffed with marketing text.

Use Adsense on your Blog
Adsense is the “Google Content Network”. It is part of another website that displays adverts from Googles Adwords PPC programme. By paying for Adwords PPC, your site is advertised on relevant websites that use Adsense.

Anyone with a website can sign up to Adsense and generate a percentage (of the amount paid by the PPC user) each time someone clicks through. Your Blog needs to have relatively high traffic to benefit from this.

Cleverly, Macromedias Blog is promoting its own products and using Adsense to do it. Notice the Blog? All content created by a Macromedia employee. The Google Adsense box is advertising Macromedias own software too, so they are effectively supplying traffic to purchase their own software and generating revenue via Adsense to offset the cost in Adwords.

I hope this post has been of use to those who are interested in creating a business blog.

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