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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Green Light Webinar

I've been listening to a few of the Green Light Webinars. The last was on link building. Entitled "Link Building, the good bad and ugly" the webinar focused on link building issues and brought up a few interesting ideas including link networks and link building velocity.

The webinar was well put together and very informative, although initially delayed because of a technical hitch, I'm glad I waited around as the content was very good and very current. The main points I took away from this, were the following:

Link building
1. Speed of link accruel, so instead of considering the total number of links, look at how many links you get over a given period and try to increase this rate.

Controlling and maximising Links
2. Look for intelligent ways to boost the power of your links. Use "No follow" tags on links that go to pages like terms and conditions and privacy pages. These are not going to generate relevant traffic to your site, so why waste link power to these pages? Instead channel the power to all your primary traffic generating pages and nofollow any others.
Look at current inbound links, like those from affiliates. Instead of having their links go through third party sites and losing any link power, track referrals yourself and benefit from more in links. This will require trust with your affiliates and accurate tracking software, but is worth considering.

Natural anchor text
3. Try to keep the anchor text of any bought links looking natural and not the same keyword repeated over and over eg"Bankloans".

Link building widgets
4. Look at making "widgets" (a useful web based application) to allow others to add functionality to their blog. This widget will need to be relevant to your business area, and include a link to your site.

I hope you can benefit from this information as much as I have, I found the webinar a very good use of time!

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