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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A new way to search

Google Labs offers a new way to view search results.
Essentially your search results are seperated into a timeline and looks at time/dates associated with the search phrase and then divides it all neatly.

Map view allows all your Geography nerds to enjoy the actual global locations associated with the search phrase. This is quite a good idea, I'd like to see what else the creative guys at Google come up with next.

I still love the image search MSN put out recently, how awesome is this??

The French search service Kartoo is another take on the increasingly inventive search engine market. It includes an advance GUI and some crazy cartoon pictures. Speaking of crazy cartoons, this slightly disturbing video turned up on Daily Motion (Another French site) recently. Google is a fat man with a mask who helps you read the papers and read your mail. The ending is to represent what could happen if Google knew just about everything about you.

Maybe Yahoo! will turn out to be some odd little search alien obsessed with following the lead of the fat man from Google...

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