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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Google launches "Gears" API

I have been reading up on Google’s new Google Gears API. The concept as far as I know is to allow online functionality without an active Internet connection. Currently the Google Reader product already supports Gears and will allow Reader users to read RSS feeds while offline.

While I love the mobile Internet on my Nokia 6233 phone, there is limited coverage in certain areas, with Google Reader able to download a load of feeds, I can read plenty of blog posts while I’m on the train and no Internet is available.

Google have a really broad range of products from YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Earth and Docs and Spreadsheets. While I’m sure plenty of useful applications can be developed with this Gears API, apart from the Google Reader application, I’m not sure what else I can think of in terms of useful software…

Maybe I need to keep reading. Watch this space!

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