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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Internet World London 2008

Ouch! My eyes are burning from sorting through 200+ URLs and deciding which ones to 301 where... So I thought I'd take a break and write a post about the Internet World show in London. It starts next week and I'm looking forward to this event, I haven't been since 2001 so I reckon it will be a completely different show. I remember enjoying it at the time. I don’t remember too much of the keynote speakers but there was a great deal of different stalls and displays including one from my old web host DSVR giving away some free webspace in cool little boxes made to look like cartoon servers…

A bag filled with freebies will be welcomed; I haven’t had the chance to grab a load of free stuff since the Search Engine Strategies show in London in 2007. As well as this I will be taking notes once the keynote speakers get chatting. SES 2007 was brilliant for networking and meeting all kinds of people, including Matt Cutts...

Despite not actually getting a job at Google with Spam king Matt, I'm looking forward to several bits and bobs at Internet World 2008.

I will be attending the analysis of the "Guinness online marketing campaign that combined viral, SEO and traditional marketing sucessfully". The important word in that summary was "Sucessfully". Combining all these channels can be done easily but combining them and doing a good job and getting results can be tough.

Google website optimiser is something else I want to see because I know nothing about Google website optimiser.

There is the obligitary Google university, I attended a PPC google University course at SES in 2007, so I might take a look at this and see if they have anything interesting to say, although I don't really specialise in PPC, I run campaigns for several clients so I like to stay as sharp as I can.

I'm interested in finding out more about the Bazaar Voice program, they have their own exhibit. I don't know if they started their Rate and Review software as a deliberate SEO tool, or if initial SEO results from their service happened to interest customers more than the rate/review stuff. Either way, it seems to be a good bit of software.

I'd like to find out about Big Mouth Media too, they always seem to have a range of top clients and I've heard some fairly good stuff about them too.

SEO Junkies, I wanted to visit this exhibit just because of the name really and they have a nice lady on their site too.


I will post any interesting stuff on here straight after the show!

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