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Monday, June 02, 2008

Stealing competitors traffic & controlling your brand online

SEO: Stealing competitors traffic with brand comparison pages

Creating a brand comparison page is easy in theory. Put together a page of info about one of your competitors and you will get traffic into your site from searchers looking for your competition.

To make a good comparison page is a bit more difficult. An easy example would be a page comparing rival credit cards to your own credit card product. This would show a user why your product is good (APR, 0% balance transfer etc) in comparison with your competition (this could be done in a nice neat table).

This way of making a comparison page is good because it offers the user info on what makes your product better than the competition and you will be able to steal some brand term searches from your competition. Although this sounds great, most pages constructed with this in mind are very low quality and offer a user very little other than a load of content seemingly stolen from another site. As long as the idea of the page is good, you will be able to steal traffic from your rivals and keep the user interested in whatever it is you are selling. The key to this is to have a useful page anything else will not captivate a user.

SEO: Protecting your brand online

I found a nasty looking search engine result page recently, this example of a search engine result page (SERP) is for the brand search term "starbucks". Although it was worse not so long ago, the results still feature some sites that Starbucks won't like. This got me thinking, how hard could it be for Starbucks to get a load of new domains pointing to different pages about Starbucks? Set up a few subdomains too, and load it with content about the good things Starbucks do (can they really be that bad?), this along with some good link building (internal and external) will allow all these new domains and sites to rank for the keyword "starbucks", and because of the links from actual Starbucks websites, these pages should move up the rankings and push out the results you don't want people to see!

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At Tuesday, June 03, 2008 , Anonymous The Carrot said...

True, although if you look at they don't even know how to populate the <title> tags on their homepage, let alone make sub-domains.

Not a great deal more effort has gone into the same title tags on

Maybe you should contact them ¬_¬

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