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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cuil the new search sensation

Cuil is the new search engine formed by former Google engineers. Cuil apparently has more of the Internet indexed than Google. That is far from its only unique selling point however and Cuil includes a unique search results page, which after years of looking at Google, Yahoo and MSN's, it looks refreshing and easier on the eye, displaying results in up to 3 columns by 4 rows.

This displays a lot of text about each page included in the results and along with the grid style display, it reads like a quality news website in some cases.

Looking for The Dark Knight on Cuil
The results page also includes pictures to add interest to sometime dreary results pages.
The search itself is slightly odd at times. Cuil will add various media to its results like video clips, but a search for Dark Knight on Google triggers that this is a recent movie related search, so a movie trailer is the first result I get, followed by a news article and the usual official site, Wikipedia and IMDB site results.

Time sensitive queries
I have always thought that Google is good at judging when to include news pages at the top of the first results when it suits the search query. The related news articles that appeared on my query were great, a news article on the bloopers in The Dark Knight, and a movie trailer and cinema showing-time search.

That is great, both relevant and high quality. Cuil does not seem to rate the popularity of the query as highly as Google. Googles toolbar will suggest Dark Knight from me typing in only "Dar". Cuil includes a suggestions drop down and this suggests either or the keyword "Dark", ignoring the sudden increase in searches for "The Dark Knight" over the last few months. I'm sure Cuil will improve it's search offering in time but it is up against Google, who in my opinion do search very well.

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At Wednesday, August 06, 2008 , Blogger Natali said...

Good info.
There is a new search engine. The new visual search engine, it is only for kids. :)


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